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Face Morpher Talk at FOSS Asia

I just presented at FOSS Asia (free open source software) conference.I talked about face morphing and averaging using Python. Slides:


2014 ReviewTravelled to 10 different countries in Europe with Seb as the rider and myself as the pillion on his motorbike. Fell in love with the Alps. Did 4 trips from Singapore to Malaysia to hunt wa

Window Tiling in OS X

Discovered window tiling for my Mac and absolutely love it! Its open-source, light-weight and does what I need:spectacleapp Shortcuts to snap any application to left-half, right-half, quarter, thirds.

Ready Player One - Summary and After-Effects

You have to read Ready Player One (2011) by Ernest Cline! I have a major soft spot for utopian and dystopian future societies and characters. Throw in immersive virtual reality, artificial intelligenc

2014 - Lets Blog

I procrastinated, now I shall blogAfter storing years of life stories in my head, I’ve finally decided to blog.In my defence, Ive tried many times. I have several online blogs, many to-do lists and sc