2014 - Lets Blog

I procrastinated, now I shall blog

After storing years of life stories in my head, I’ve finally decided to blog.
In my defence, Ive tried many times. I have several online blogs, many to-do lists and scribbles of thoughts on paper, receipts, tissue papers and un-organised word documents.

This blog is not going to showcase my deep dark thoughts (maybe I’ll write them somewhere else) or daily life rambles. I want to keep the posts technical-related and document my learnings and summaries as a Software Engineer.

As of January 2014, I have left the corporate world and have joined the startup world. I go in as the first full-time employee in a team of 5. No surprises that this triggered the first post. In the last week, I’ve been working on a mini text-analytics engine in nodejs.

More learnings and how-to tutorials to be documented and hopefully help anyone else starting out.

This scriptogram (moved to hexo) blog rocks. Markdown ftw.