View Math Equations in Markdown With Dropbox Image Hosting


I wanted to show math equations in my github

Update: I now use MathJax to view math equations in markdown. I use dropbox to show images in this blog.

How to show math equations in the browser

To do this, I was going to use MathML, which
is an XML-based syntax for mathematical symbols to render in browsers.
Unfortunately, markdown does NOT support MathML

How to show math equations in markdown

My work around was to convert the equations into images, host them somewhere and embed them in my file.

You will need:

  1. An editor that is able to render MathML equations. (I use mouapp)
  2. Dropbox or Google Drive to host your images for free. (I’ll be using dropbox)


1) Copy the your MathML into your markdown editor (example below):
2) Take a screenshot of the rendered equation

(On Mac, to take an area-selected screenshot: command + shift + 4)
3) Place it in your dropbox folder and “Share Dropbox Link”:

4) Copy the link and add ?dl=1 at the end of the url to make it viewable when embedded in markdown:{guid}/equation1.png?dl=1

5) Add it to your markdown!


To center the image in markdown, you will have to use HTML:

p align="center"
  img src="{guid}/{}.png?dl=1"

6) Done! You have hosted your image with dropbox and embedded it
into your for viewing on github